Glass Vial Kits

Reduced Volume Glass Vial Kits For Full Automation

During early drug discovery, making the racemate itself can be difficult and expensive. As a result, very little racemate can be made available to identify the chiral separation process. ChiroSolve understands this constraint and has addressed it by designing Reduced volume Glass Vial Kits.

Glass vial kits require only 0.5 mmol of racemate per kit, 30 times less volume than the standard screen kits. Furthermore, our glass vials have flat bottom and are compatible with any HPLC/UPLC system. As a result, companies can study a library of molecules in parallel through complete robotic automation and receive results within days.

Key features:

  • Require only 0.005 mmol of racemate per vial (about 0.5 mmol per kit)

  • Vials have flat-bottom and are compatible with HPLC systems to achieve full automation

  • 4 kits and solvent plates per racemate, offering 384 resolving agents and solvents combinations

  • Kits can withstand temperatures from -20 to +200 C. Entire experiment can be done within the rack

  • Resolving agents selected for commercial viability; cheaply available in kilo quantities