Standard Screen Kits

Currently there are 4 kits for acid racemates, 4 kits for base racemates. Each kit is equipped with 96 plastic vials which are held together by a plastic ring and kept in a rack with a durable latch. The product is also accompanied by a set of 4 "ChiroSolve Solvent Plates" that provide the solvents needed for resolution reaction.

The vials in the kits are 1.4 mL in size, each requiring a very small amount of the sample racemate (0.03 mmol per vial) in 1:1 ratio with the resolving agent already present in the vial. Both vials as well as the rack are chemically resistant and can withstand temperatures from -20 to +120 C. This unique design allows scientists to perform the entire experiment without having to take the vials out of the rack. The kits and the solvent plates together represent 384 combination of commercially viable resolution conditions to ensure that the customer is provided with the maximum number of options to find ideal resolution condition.

Key features:

  • 4 kits and solvent plates per racemate, offering 384 combinations of resolving agents and solvents to screen against

  • Very little racemate needed (<0.03 mmol per vial); resultant crystals can be seen with the naked eye

  • Kits can withstand temperatures from -20 to +120 C. Entire experiment can be done within the rack

  • Resolving agent and racemate expected to be in 1:1 ratio; ideal for initial screening

  • Disposable standard high-throughput kits, conveniently packaged for easy robotic manipulation

  • Resolving agents selected for commercial viability; cheaply available in kilo quantities