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ChiroSolve, Inc. was established in September 2005 as a means to provide the fine and specialty chemical sectors with improved technology for developing routes to enatiomerically pure compounds. We have designed a portfolio of unique, automation-friendly, high throughput products and services, that eliminate the trial and error nature of the diastereomeric crystallization technology, resulting in dramatically reduced process development times and measurable cost savings.

Using ChiroSolve solutions, a scientist can define a comprehensive, scalable and optimized chiral resolution method within a matter of days and have the pure enantiomer in-hand to carry out lead identification and pre-clinical studies. Today, ChiroSolve solutions are being used by such major pharmaceutical companies as Merck, Biogen Idec, Sanofi Group, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Amgen, Vertex and are sold worldwide through the help of our distribution partners Sigma Aldrich and Thermo Fisher.

The growing demand for single isomer drugs, agrochemicals, flavor and fragrance ingredients has led to the need for more efficient and productive methods for the synthesis of these optically active molecules. Diastereomeric crystallization method is the most commonly used method used during manufacturing of Enantiopure products, mainly because of its robustness, success rate, as well as the cost of manufacturing. Today over 55% of Enantiopure products are manufactured using this method.

ChiroSolve was founded by Dr. Niteen Vaidya who is considered an industry expert on Diastereomeric Crystallization with over 30 years of in-depth experience. All the products and services offered by ChiroSolve are based on this technology and are designed to identify optimum chiral separation methods that can be scaled up and optimized easily.

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