ChiroSolve Product

ChiroSolve employs the ubiquitous technique of diastereomeric crystallization to deliver robust, cost efficient, and high purity solution. It offers comprehensive set of commercially viable chiral separation options; delivers pure enantiomer; and defines a chiral separation method scalable to kilo-quantities. This is done through parallel screening of 384 possible conditions coupled with rapid method development strategy and novel purification processes.

ChiroSolve's kit-based solution is based on the specific research needs as follows:

SCREEN - Identification Of most commercially viable Chiral Separation Conditions

As a first step towards method development, the Screen product line identifies effective separation criteria through screening of the racemate against 384 separation conditions, effectively offering comprehensive IP coverage. Racemate can have one or more chiral centers; and can be an acid, base, alcohol, aldehyde, ketone or amino acid.
  • Standard Kits - Set of 4 kits offer 384 unique separation conditions per racemate
  • Strong Acid Kits � Set of 2 kits offer 192 unique separation conditions for a weak base racemate
  • Kits For Automation � Made from flat-bottom glass vials that are compatible with any HPLC/UPLC system; these set of 4 kits require only 2 mmol racemate for comprehensive screening. Allow full automation during the experiment.

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