About our CEO

Dr. Niteen A. Vaidya is a well-recognized industry expert in Chiral Resolution and has over 30 years of experience in Chemical Research. During his career, he has held many technical and executive positions related to drug discovery and process development and has helped many pharmaceutical companies during early R&D.

As a curiosity driven researcher, he has been key contributor in bringing many diverse products to market, each with unique technologies. This included:

  • Designing high-throughput disposable screening kits that allow full automation while studying complex chiral molecules during target selection and process development

  • Leading the R&D of anti-cancer drug and anti-diabetic program from concept to Phase I Clinical trials

  • Developing chemistry for homocysteine detection using fluorescent as well as colorimetric assays

  • Helping companies within Cosmetic industry to design unique non-toxic products

In fact, Dr. Vaidya was able to successfully commercialize his invention through his company ChiroSolve that offers variety of “Chiral Resolution Kits” that are high-throughput screening kits that can identify most commercially viable chiral resolution conditions for any type of chiral molecules, even the neutral molecules like alcohols, aldehydes, and ketones, whether they have one or more chiral centers. What is more, it identifies the resolution conditions for both +ve and the -ve isomers using a single set of kits, offering results within 24 hours.

Here are some of the publications from Dr. Vaidya:

  1. Computational Studies of Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine Metabolites as Possible Candidates for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Treatment. Read full paper here.

  2. Commercial API with nirogenheterocyclic framework with toxicological profile comaparison. Read More.

  3. JuvenileHormone: Juvenile Hormone is a major tool of controlling insect growth. And chirality is essential of its bioactivity. Read More.

  4. TreprostinilViveta. Learn more here.

  5. HerpesProdrugs. Learn more here.

  6. Deuterium exchange in sesamol. Read more here.

About ChiroSolve

ChiroSolve, Inc. was established in September 2005 as a means to provide R&D help to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and cosmetics sectors whose products are based on the small molecules with chiral activity.

ChiroSolve’s Chiral Screening kits have been used by most big-pharma and agrochemical companies, as well as small drug-design companies. Many CROs and biochem companies have also used them to define or optimize their processes to get initial pure compound for clinical studies before final manufacturing processes are developed. While others have used the kits to strengthen their IP (find most commercially viable routes).

Today ChiroSolve continues to sell the “Chirosolve Screen Kits”, while also offering the outsourced R&D option to companies needing Dr. Vaidya’s unique expertise to resolve their complex racemates.

Besides the chiral Resolution products and services, Chirosolve also has been helping US Federal agencies through their critical R&D by supplying hard-to-get API compounds

You can learn more about Chirosolve at; or contact Dr. Vaidya to discuss your specific chiral Resolution needs via email: