Art Of Designing Enantiomerically Pure Chiral Product Development

More than 55% of pharmaceutical drug molecules and many used in agrochemical industry are chiral in nature, some simple with one chiral center and one set of enantiomer pairs; while others with multiple chiral centers and many enantiomers. In order to bring a chiral product into market, scientists must study each enantiomer of the chiral molecules. As such, every scientist within pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries have to deal with chiral molecules at some point in their career, and appreciate the complexities in studying these molecules.

ChiroSolve is launching its Webinar series on "Chiral Product Development" with the participation of experts who have been helping companies throughout their R&D life-cycle. Each of these experts come from companies with unique and critical tools and have dealt with many complex molecules. They will share their experiences, difficult cases and how they solved them.

Here are the recordings from the webinar:

Part 1 with Dr. Niteen Vaidya:

Part 2 with Paul Lefebvre:

Part 3 with Ed Franklin:

Part 4 with Dr Gary Yanik:

Part 5 Q&A:

More about Chirosolve:

ChiroSolve™, a pioneer company offering unique Chiral Resolution solutions since 2005, is introducing new products and services to help global R&D scientists define “Sustainable and Green Chiral Resolution Processes”.

ChiroSolve offers a full range of services that complement the ChiroSolve's kit-based product line. By exploring the most effective Chiral Resolution method, we deliver gram quantities of pure isomers within a matter of days and define a robust green method that can be scaled up to kilo quantities. For more information visit: www.chirosolve.com