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ChiroSolve, Inc. offers a full range of services that complement the ChiroSolve's kit-based product line. We understand the challenges facing medicinal and process chemists, and are committed to becoming their trusted, value-building outsourcing partner.

During early drug discovery, creating the enantiomer itself can be difficult and expensive. Scientists must make use of the racemate with minimal waste while identifying the resolution method. Effective lead identification requires a focus on generating gram amounts of pure enantiomer.

Method development, on the other hand, seeks to find the robust and scalable method that is safe, cost effective, and that minimizes the manufacturing steps. The emphasis is also put on the method optimization to ensure energy efficiency while getting maximum yield.

ChiroSolve Services

Screening (Duration: 3 days) Target racemate is screened against 384 combinations of resolving agents/solvents to identify ALL commercially viable separation conditions. The results include comprehensive list of separation candidates (ideal for IP scoping) for both +ve and -ve enantiomers and the recommended combination offering highest yield and purity.

Method Development or EnantioPrep (Duration: 1-2 weeks) This service includes identifying the best resolution condition that offers target purity with minimum steps. To maximize the service success we can explore different resolution methods (SFC, HPLC, diastereomeric crystallization, enzymatic) with the help of our partners for quick results.

Method Optimization or ScalePrep (Duration: 2 weeks) This service explores the optimization factors of the 3 best chiral separation candidates to identify the ideal concentration of solvent and ideal ratio between racemate and the resolving agent that would offer highest yield and purity. The end result is a robust scale-up process that can used to develop kilo quantities of enantiomers.

Custom Synthesis ChiroSolve offers premier contract synthesis for building blocks, analogs, reference compounds, intermediates and derivatives of lead compounds for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The services include:

  • Custom synthesis of chiral and non-chiral building blocks
  • Parallel synthesis of focused libraries (lead generation)
  • Lead optimization and structure-activity relationship profiling
  • Synthetic feasibility study

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