Primary Screening Kit

Currently there are 4 kits for acidic liquid racemates, 4 kits for acidic solid racemates, 4 kits for base liquid racemates and 4 kits for base solid racemates. Each kit is equipped with 96 plastic vials which are held together by a plastic ring and kept in a rack with a durable latch. The vials are 1.4 mL in size, requiring a very small amount of the sample racemate (0.03 mmol per vial) in 1:1 ratio with the resolving agent already present in the vial. Both vials as well as the rack are chemical-resistant and can withstand temperatures of -20� to +120�C. This unique design allows scientists to perform an entire experiment without having to take the vials out of the rack. The vials are covered by a thermal seal that guarantees against evaporation for up to 2 years.

Key features:

  • 4 kits per racemate, offering 384 combinations of resolving agents and solvents to screen against
  • Disposable standard high-throughput kits, conveniently packaged for easy robotic manipulation
  • Heat-resistant and chemical-resistant racks and vials capable of withstanding temperatures from -20 to +120C. The entire experiment can be done within the rack
  • Resolving agent and racemate expected to be in 1:1 ratio; ideal for initial screening
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions and results charts that describe the chemical contents
  • Unique identification (barcode or alphanumeric) on racks and vials for easy cross-referencing and auditing
  • Kits sealed with thermo seal, providing long shelf life (up to 10 years) at room temperature
  • Very little amount of racemate needed (<0.03 mmol per vial). Amount chosen so that the resultant crystals can be seen with the naked eye

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