Identify most commercially viable chiral resolution conditions within hours

ChiroSolve Screening Kits

ChiroSolve employs the ubiquitous technique of diastereomeric crystallization to deliver a robust, cost efficient, and high purity solution. It offers 384 different commercially viable chiral separation options to screen the racemate against in form of high-throughput Screening Kits. The kits support racemate of any type (acid, base, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, etc.) and can even be used against the molecules with multiple chiral centers.

Depending on the properties of the racemate, the Screening kits can identify most commercially viable chiral separation conditions for both positive and negative isomers within 24 hours (actual hands-on work: 1 hour). For a neutral racemate, pre-processing of the racemate is required to bring it to either acidic or basic moiety before using the ChiroSolve kits.

Kits can be categorized into:

Key features:

  • 4 kits per racemate, offering 384 combinations of resolving agents and solvents to screen against

  • Disposable standard high-throughput kits accommodate easy robotic manipulation

  • Heat and chemical-resistant kit material can withstand -20 to 450 degree C, whole experiment can be done inside the kit

  • Kits have long shelf life (up to 10 years at room temperature)

  • Very little amount of racemate is needed (0.001 to 0.03 mmol per vial)

Key benefits:

  • Chiral separation method defined in matter of days

  • Works against any racemate (acid, base, alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, amino acid, racemate with multiple chiral centers)

  • Comprehensive screening ensures unbiased results, offers many process optimization options

  • Early identification of most separation conditions establishes IP foundation

  • Method development takes days rather than months

Our Customers: Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Cosmetic Companies, CROs