Deliver enantiomerically pure samples for discovery studies

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Effective lead identification for chiral compounds requires a focused study of every isomer within the compound. Depending on the complexity of the molecule (single vs. multiple centers, # of isomers) generating gram amounts of pure isomer to do discovery research can be a challenge. We understand the challenges facing medicinal and process chemists, and we are committed to becoming their trusted, value-building outsourcing partner.

ChiroSolve offers a full range of services that complement the ChiroSolve's kit-based product line. By exploring the most effective Chiral Resolution method, we deliver gram quantities of pure isomers within a matter of days and define a robust green method that can be scaled up to kilo quantities.

Types of Services:

  • Screening (Duration: 3 days): Target racemate is screened against 384 resolution conditions in parallel to identify commercially viable chiral resolution conditions. The results include exhaustive list of separation candidates (ideal for IP scoping) for both positive and negative isomers, and the best combination that can offer highest yield and purity.

  • EnantioPrep (1 week): Based on the screening results and utilizing the best chiral resolution method (diastereomeric crystallization, SFC, chromatography), we deliver >95%EE pure isomers.

  • ScalePrep (Duration: 1-2 weeks): The goal of this service is to define the best diastereomeric crystallization resolution method that offers target purity with minimum steps. The results prescribe the ideal ratio between reagent and racemate, concentration of solvent(s) to be used, along with the heating/ cooling conditions to maximize the crystal formation

ChiroSolve Advantage:

  • Confidence in selecting candidates for product development

  • Establish an IP foundation

  • Fully optimized method development within matter of days

  • Easy, rapid preparation of pure isomer for early lead optimization and preclinical testing

  • Explore multiple chiral resolution technologies through a single service to define scalable process that offers target purity and highest yield

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